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Cruising Cross-Country with Finesse: 11 Tips for an Epic Relocation Adventure

  1. The Grand Purge Extravaganza: Before you hit the open road for your new home, indulge in a decluttering soirée. Bid adieu to those "Why did I buy this?" objects and those dusty relics from the dawn of time. Think of it as Marie Kondo meets a festive yard sale. Pro tip: When in doubt, get rid of it.

  2. What's the Plan: The most successful stress-free moves start weeks before the main event. Be prepared and have a plan. Real simple has a great template if you need a little help. Order or find the right boxes {many can be found online for cheap or even free from folks who just moved}. Pack items you don't use first and work back from there as the day approaches. Spending one-two hours a day can help avoid the mad rush of throwing things into random boxes. That's a road to stress and broken items, not to mention relationships and dreams.

  3. Box Tetris Champion: When packing, channel your inner Tetris master. Your belongings should nestle together like the pieces of an elaborate puzzle, ensuring the safety of fragile treasures and creating a symphony of efficient space utilization. Using the right box for the job helps ensure your precious cargo makes it in tact. Not to mention, it makes unpacking a lot less stressful. Here is a list of boxes and their uses. Remember, most moving companies want everything inside of a box, including, clothes, art, plants. Loose items, outside of bedframes and furniture, are a way to bring on anxiety and left behind items on moving day.

  4. The Art of Labeling: Let's add a splash of practicality to our masterpiece of moving wisdom. Embrace the art of labeling your boxes with care. Each box becomes a treasure map when you label it with the room it belongs to and a sneak peek of its contents. Your future self will thank you when you're searching for that cozy blanket amidst the sea of cardboard. Label the top and at least one side with a Sharpy or, if you're fancy like my brother, a labeling device that prints.

  5. Choosing Your Moving Maestro: Your moving company is like the conductor of this relocation symphony. Start early keeping in mind research, credentials, and that meet 'n greet coffee chat – they're all part of the process. It's like finding the Robin to your Batman, the sidekick who ensures your belongings pirouette safely across state lines. So, let's embark on this choice with confidence, knowing that the rhythm of your journey is now guided by the finesse of a well-chosen ally. Our friends at put together this helpful guide. Pro tip: Be on-site but out of the way during the pick up. Make sure kids and pets are off site or in a designated area. An empty room where they can hang out and chill is a good option.

  6. The Road Trip: If you're flying, always aim for direct flights wherever possible. Connections can lead to chaos. Avoid airports and airlines with reputations for delays. A few extra bucks up front can save you a ton on emotional baggage. If you're driving, tune in to your navigational instincts and let Waze be your guide, leading you through city streets and countryside landscapes with real-time updates on traffic, hazards, and the best routes. Pro tip:, plan your route and orchestrate your accommodations before the wheels start to roll. Set the stage by booking hotels in advance. There's a certain thrill in knowing that a comfy bed awaits you at the end of each day's journey. And hey, it's your road trip, your choice of lodgings – cozy inns, charming B&Bs, or modern hotels, the choice is yours.

  7. A Savvy Movers Move: Now, let's cue the savvy move: planning for the days while your moving company catches up. Think of it as an intermission before the main event. While your belongings are on their way to your new abode, pack an "intermission" bag. Picture this bag as your survival kit – a blow-up mattress for a good night's sleep, fresh clothes for the morning, and toiletries to keep your morning routine in sync. Consider throwing in a few entertainment essentials too – a good book, a playlist for background tunes, and perhaps a portable charger to keep your devices juiced up. This bag is your backstage pass to comfort while your belongings take center stage on the journey.

  8. The Communication Sonata: Make sure you have the delivery date locked in – that's your crescendo of anticipation. The moving company will give you a window for drop off and that window should get much tighter once they pick up your things. Keep contact info at your fingertips: the driver's number for direct updates on their location and a direct line to a customer service rep for any questions or hiccups along the way. Don't be afraid to ask your driver for a specific drop off date and his/her contact info when they come to load your home. They know their tip is tied to your happiness and they understand their schedule much better than the moving company does.

  9. Meet the Movers: With the stage set, the moving company begins their choreographed dance. They'll unload your belongings like a synchronized performance. Trust them to execute this ballet of boxes while you supervise, ensuring everything finds its rightful place. Don't forget, bed and furniture assembly are part of what you're paying for. Moving is a hard job, don't forget the tip. Our friends at Real Simple have this guide for how much and who.

  10. Mastering the Art of Unpacking: Now that you've orchestrated the grand symphony of relocation, it's time for the final movement – unpacking with finesse. This is the overture to settling into your new home, and we've got the best practices to ensure your unpacking extravaganza is smooth, satisfying, and perhaps even a little bit magical. Having a plan in place for furniture and unpacking makes the process so much smoother. Here is where that labeling really pays off. Pro tip: Pace yourself. Unpacking can be a fun and exciting time as your new home takes shape. Find the happy medium between a garage full of unpacked boxes and pushing yourself to get it all done in one day. Start with essentials, then the kitchen and bedrooms. Let the kids help with their bedrooms. It makes them feel invested and believe it or not, they are likely to keep their room cleaner, at least for a bit.

  11. Take a Bow: Moving across the street or across the country is an accomplishment. Treat yourself and your family to a little R&R. Find a fun local restaurant or activity to help get acquainted with your new home.


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